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No more waxing , shaving or unwanted hair

IPL - intense pulsed light works on all body and facial hair,

upto 95% permanent hair reduction. Prices are stated per session

a course of 6-10 sessions are require



Top lip £25

Chin £30

Lip and Chin combined - £50

Sides of face £50

Neck £50

Full face and Neck £75


Under Arm £45

Fore arm £65

Full Arm £85


Bikini line £45



Back of hands £25



Top of feet £25

Toes £15

Half leg above knees £85

Upper legs £85

Full Leg £175

Stomach line 35



Men’s chest £135

Men’s back £135

IPL is also used for Skin Rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation, thread veins and broken capillaries.

Consultation and patch test required.


Pre Treatment Advise : A through consultation must be carried out prior to treatment to discuss medical history, medication



Post Treatment Advise : Limit sun exposure, always using a high SPF. Avoid tanning - sun beds and self tanning. Avoid any heat or exercise for 24 hours after treatment.

Medical IPL Treatment


Photorejuvenation and Pigmentation

  • Treats sun damage including age spots and pigmentation.

  • Reduces redness and uneven pigmentation.

  • Effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Skin looks smoother and more even in appearance.


Thread Veins

  • Treats thread veins and rosacea in as little as two or three treatments.

  • Remove campbell de morgan spots / cherry angiomas.



SkinBase IPL for acne treats the affected area in a number of ways :

  • Destroys the bacteria on the skin preventing new spots occurring.

  • Prevents over-production of sebum and dramatically reduces inflammation.

  • Stimulates collagen production reducing the appearance of scarring and improving skin texture.


From £50 a session.

*IPL is also used for Skin Rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation, thread veins & broken capillaries. Consultation and patch test required.

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